Lehigh Acres Commercial Land Use Study

Several planning studies concerning Lehigh Acres were prepared for the Lee County Community Redevelopment Agency by Spikowski Planning Associates.

Lehigh Acres in eastern Lee County (FL) is one of the largest 1950s-era antiquated subdivisions in Florida, with about 120,000 single-family lots. Spikowski Planning was the lead consultant for the Lehigh Acres Commercial Land Use Study which identified strategies to counteract mistakes of the original developer, which had reserved almost no land for businesses or other housing types. Corrective links were identified to repair critical discontinuities in the street network.

The final report, Lehigh Acres Commercial Land Use Study, was completed in May of 1996. View just the Table of Contents or the Executive Summary by clicking those links. On May 27, 1998, the Lee County Board of Commissioners gave final approval to comprehensive plan amendments to implement the Lehigh Acres Commercial Land Use Study. A few changes were made during the approval process; details may be obtained from the Lee County Division of Planning, P.O. Box 398, Fort Myers, Florida 33902-0398, telephone (239) 479-8585. The final revised copy of the future land use map showing all changes from the Lehigh Acres Commercial Land Use Study can be downloaded here; a full-size final revised copy can also be purchased for $15.00 from this web site or the Map Sales Room, Lee County Property Appraiser, 2480 Thompson Street, P.O. Box 1546, Fort Myers, Florida 33901, telephone (239) 339-6159. Printed copies of the original study including a small map are available from Spikowski Planning Associates for $22.00 (plus $3.00 if they need to be mailed out).

Also download a copy of the Implementation Report for the Lehigh Acres Commercial Land Use Study, released in April 2000. This report documents the on-going implementation of the Lehigh Acres Commercial Land Use Study, and includes proposed access management plans for Gunnery Road (south of Lee Boulevard) and for State Road 82 from Lee to Gunnery. This report also includes a proposed new commercial zoning district for Lehigh Acres and identifies future planning initiatives.