Lee County MPO
Rail Corridor Feasibility Study

A rail corridor feasibility study of the CSX/Seminole Gulf Corridor was conducted for the Lee County (Florida) MPO by a consulting team headed by David Plummer & Associates. Other members of the team include Spikowski Planning Associates, HDR Engineering, Dave Douglas Associates, and RMI Midwest.

This study assessed the long term feasibility of implementing public multi-modal transportation options within the rail corridor through Lee and northern Collier County, while maintaining and possibly expanding freight service in the corridor.

The multimodal options include running commuter rail transit, light rail transit, bus rapid transit, and/or a multi-use path from the Charlotte County line through Lee County into northern Collier County.

This study also assessed existing and future freight issues, determined the preliminary value of the CSX/Seminole Gulf Lease and Leasehold, and looked into various options of preserving the corridor including purchasing rail interests (buying the underlying right of way and/or the SGL lease), negotiating new and/or existing agreements, and adopting supportive comprehensive plan and other preservation policies by local governments and MPOs along the rail corridor.

The study began in September 2012 and was completed in October 2013. An executive summary highlights the findings, conclusions, and recommendations. A full report summarizes the twelve technical reports that document the complete findings of this study.

On November 22, 2013, Lee County's MPO Board voted to approve the study's recommendations. Minutes of that meeting are available from the Lee County MPO website.


Main Reports: 

Executive Summary
Final Report

Physical Inventory of Rail Corridor:
Inventory of Existing Seminole Gulf Railway Corridor July 29, 2013
Aerial Map Book of the Rail Corridor

Other Technical Reports:

Compatibility of Public Transit and Freight Rail Expansion  August 15, 2013
Regional Corridor Preservation in Florida, With Strategies for Southwest Florida   August 15, 2013
Estimates and Projections of Existing and Future Land Uses in Lee County   August 15, 2013
Preservation of Rail Corridors: Experience in Other Communities August 15, 2013
Seminole Gulf / CSX Rail Corridor in Southwest Florida Land-Use Plans   August 15, 2013
Preliminary Value of the Seminole Gulf / CSX Rail Corridor and Existing Lease  September 25, 2013
Railroad Operating Agreements: Without Acquisition of Right-of-Way or Lease  July 19, 2013
Assessment of Potential Options for Passenger Service  July 23, 2013
Assessment of Existing and Future Freight Issues  July 24, 2013
Multi-Use Assessment I-75 Multi-Modal Envelope vs. Rail Corridor  July 19,2013

Media Reports: 

Fort Myers News-Press  December 5, 2013
Florida Weekly  December 11, 2013
Naples Daily News  January 5, 2014



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