1. Introduction

2. Purposes of This Study
2(a) Preliminary Park Planning to Keep Up With Growth
2(b) Expansion Opportunities at Veterans Park
2(c) Potential Financing Sources for Park Expansions

3. Population Trends in Lehigh Acres
3(a) Population Totals Since 1960
3(b) Location of Homes in 1990
3(c) Profile of Current Residents
3(d) Expected Growth Patterns

4. Parks and Libraries in Lee County
4(a) Parks in Lee County
4(b) Parks in Lehigh Acres
4(c) Recreation Levels of Service
4(d) "Core Services" Concept in Lee County
4(e) How the Public Pays for Parks
4(f) Future Parks in Lehigh Acres
4(g) How the Public Pays for Libraries
4(h) Future Libraries in Lehigh Acres

5. Expansion Opportunities at Veterans Park
5(a) Origins of Veterans Park and Its Current Development Status
5(b) Space Requirements for Specific Park Improvements
5(c) Opportunities and Constraints at Veterans Park
5(d) Conceptual Plan for Expanding Veterans Park
5(e) Cost of Development and Operation of This Expansion

6. Alternatives for Funding the Expansion of Parks and Libraries
6(a) Recent Examples of Innovative Park Funding in Lee County
6(b) Improve Access to Recreation Facilities at Schools
6(c) Increase Impact Fees
6(d) Use CRA Tax-Increment Funds
6(e) Acquire Park Sites in Advance of Need
6(f) Increase Library Millage
6(g) Incorporate as a New City
6(h) Adopt Special Local Taxes or Assessments
6(i) Rely More Heavily on Other Organizations
6(j) Sell Existing Land and Facilities Within Lehigh Acres
6(k) Pursue Non-Park or Non-Tax Support

7. Recommendations



Table 3-1, Population Changes, Lehigh Acres and Comparison Areas, 1960 to 1990
Table 3-2, Characteristics of the Population and Housing, 1990
Table 3-3, Building Permits Issued for New Dwelling Units in Lehigh Acres
Table 3-4, Forecasted Permanent and Peak-Season Population
Table 4-1, Existing and Planned Outdoor Recreational Facilities
Table 4-2, Lee Plan's Parks and Recreation Levels of Service
Table 4-3, Level-of-Service Comparison Between Official Computations and Recalculation for Lehigh Acres Only
Table 4-4, Future Community Park Needs in Lehigh Acres
Table 4-5, Future Library Needs in Lehigh Acres
Table 5-1, General Land Requirements for Veterans Park Planning Purposes
Table 5-2, Summary of Cost Estimates for Veterans Park Improvements
Table 5-3, Derivation of Maintenance Estimates for Veterans Park Complex
Table 6-1, CRA Project Guidelines
Table 7-1, Proposed Core Service Levels for Parks and Libraries



Figure 2.1, Location of Veterans Park
Figure 3.1, Distribution of Permanent Residents in Lehigh Acres, 1990
Figure 3.2, Lehigh Acres Age Profiles: 1970, 1980 & 1990
Figure 3.3, Owner-Occupied Housing Values
Figure 4.1, Community Park Impact Fee Benefit Districts
Figure 4.2, Concurrency-Related Levels of Service for Parks: 1987 through 2000
Figure 4.3, Permanent Residents in Lee County, 1990, With Libraries
Figure 4.4, Forecasted Distribution of Permanent Residents in Lee County, 2020
Figure 5.1, Vicinity Map for Veterans Park
Figure 5.2, Park Concept Plan, Veterans Park Expansion
Figure 5.3, Sketch of Park Entrance, Veterans Park Expansion



Appendix A, Site Plan for Lehigh Acres Community Park
Appendix B, Site Plan for Veterans Park
Appendix C, Site Plan for Community Center and Library
Appendix D, Site Plan for Senior Center
Appendix E, Site Plan for Lehigh Middle School
Appendix F, Branch Libraries--Regional Libraries--Main Library
Appendix G, Capital Cost Estimates for Veterans Park Expansion
Appendix H, Public Parks and Recreation Program/Facility Cost Analysis


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