TO: Local Planning Agency

FROM: Carol Cunningham

DATE: February 11, 1997

SUBJECT: Summary of Input From "Designing Our Town" Workshop



The following provides a summary of the input provided by the community members who participated in the "Designing Our Town" workshop, held on January 31 and February 1, 1997.

Groups were asked to first look at the big picture, identifying the sensitive sites, areas that function as neighborhood centers, naturally occurring focus points, and "postcard" locations which represent the best of what's here. Groups were asked to draw and propose what would be ideal, to consider how "lost space" could be recaptured and pedestrian links be strengthened, and to identify what is important to be preserved or enhanced. Each group was then asked to summarize their proposals into five main ideas.

The summary draws from the presentations from each group at the end of Saturday's sessions and from notes taken in the group meetings both by participants and facilitators. The summary is organized by topic.

In addition, 13 comment forms have already been returned by workshop participants and were reviewed for their input into this summary. Copies of all comment forms and any other correspondence directed to the LPA throughout the process will be provided to you as a part of your packet materials and will be kept on file as a part of the public record.





Improved Pedestrian and Bicycle Facilities


Streetscape/Beautification--Improvements to Estero Blvd. Frontage.


Core Area


Bay Oaks and Surrounding Neighborhoods


Villa Santini and Environs


Red Coconut


Bowditch/Diamondhead Land Swap Issues

The opinions expressed included:


Suggested for Public Acquisition


Environmental Amenities




Our new town will blend from head to toe.

(Our Town Complex) becomes the heart of our soul.

(Healthy arteries pulse) by bike or foot.

On the map of great destinations, we will be put!

Proposal for a bumper Sticker:

Take Heart in FMB! (insert heart drawing)

"Public relations" ideas for the Town:

Small Town, Big Heart.

Enjoy the best of life in our town without additives. Nothing to add, just you and yours. It's pure, it's simple, it's right, it's better. It's Fort Myers Beach in the NATURAL nature setting that nurtures your life, "Soul," "Spirit," All of You.

If you're passing through enjoy the view. If you can stay, enjoy a new way of life in a Natural style, stroll, walk, job, run, swim, lie in the sun, fish, tennis, volleyball, shuffle board, golf, boating, basketball, lay back, slow down, get personal, enjoy each other, this Island cares, this Island shares, enjoy shores, air, sun and fun in a better life styles. A rich heritage, a promising future, and "Have a Great Day."



Below is an overview of items raised in the comments forms submitted to date. The comments covered a wide range and are attached for your review. Many comments are included in the topics covered above; however, many of the comments offered a range of ideas unique from each other.

(See the attached comment sheets for the full text of the suggestions.)