TO: Local Planning Agency

FROM: Bill Spikowski

DATE: September 25, 1996

SUBJECT: Follow-Up on Your September 24th Meeting on Development Regulations


Last evening we discussed four types of interim changes to your development regulations: maximum building heights, signs, commercial development, and seasonal parking shortages.

This memorandum attempts to summarize your consensus position on how to proceed. At your next meeting, please review this listing and identify any areas where this memorandum does not accurately characterize your direction.

You would be producing in the very near future a single ordinance amending the existing Land Development Code. This ordinance would include the following amendments:

The most time-consuming amendment to prepare and agree upon will be the delineation of the height districts. The reasoning behind these districts must be clear; spot-zoning must be avoided; and the proposed maximum heights must be related to a clearly articulated public policy.

The first attempt at creating the districts and their height caps should probably be delegated. An initial delineation of which district(s) should be allowed to have taller buildings should be prepared; the LPA may wish to assign one of its members to prepare this (or appoint a subcommittee, although its meetings would have to be properly noticed). This approach would reduce your consulting expenses and take maximum advantage of local knowledge. I have extra copies of some early drafts of the large parcel-level maps for you to use in this process.