TO: Town Council and Local Planning Agency

FROM: Bill Spikowski and Carol Cunningham

DATE: September 4, 1996

SUBJECT: Your September 10th Joint Workshop


Attached is back-up material for your review prior to our joint workshop on September 10 at 7:00 p.m. This material includes a reduced copy of the parcel-level maps showing existing zoning, existing land uses, the future land use map, and all vacant land, as well as memos on the following subjects:

During this workshop we need to focus on two issues. The first is to familiarize to Town Council with the different formats that can be used for land development regulations. Victor Dover will lead a discussion on this subject, and will bring samples of the graphic codes that his firm has pioneered. (Victor's previous presentation to the LPA, which addressed this subject in greater detail along with the importance of community design, is available on videotape for review by council members and the general public.)

The second important subject for this workshop is to get reactions on the suggested list of "land-use issues of immediate concern." Once we agree on the most pressing topics, we can organize the planning work program to address them at the earliest possible point in the schedule.

The other subjects addressed in the attached memos have already been discussed by the LPA or are informational items. We will be prepared to answer any questions on them on September 10.