TO: Local Planning Agency

FROM: Bill Spikowski and Carol Cunningham

DATE: August 16, 1996

SUBJECT: Your August 20th Meeting


Attached is extensive material for your review prior to our meeting on August 20. In addition to our discussion of this material, representatives from the Florida Department of Community Affairs have accepted our invitation to be present at this meeting and to respond to any questions we may have about their role in reviewing and approving the Town's new comprehensive plan.

Since our last meeting, several LPA members have forwarded comments to add to our initial discussion on "where we would like to be" on Fort Myers Beach and what issues need to be addressed in this planning process. Those comments are appreciated and will be used in preparing the preliminary work program, which we will begin to discuss on September 3.

To supplement this vision process, we have also analyzed the existing body of policies that have been adopted by Lee County for Fort Myers Beach. These include the "Beach Plan" (Goal 18 in the Lee Plan) and the Estero Island CRA Plan. By reviewing this compilation of existing goals and policies for Fort Myers Beach, we can ensure that all past issues are explored (even if some are determined to be obsolete), and we can incorporate the efforts of the many citizens who have participated in these extensive planning activities. Please refer to our policy analysis, printed on gray paper. The adopted policies are reprinted, followed by our summary and initial commentary. While reviewing this material prior to our meeting, we ask that you note any areas where our commentary may be incorrect or incomplete. Also, where we pose questions, please jot down any thoughts or information that might be new to us, and advise us at the meeting or immediately thereafter.

Another part of our effort this past month has been a technical analysis of the state's minimum requirements for the comprehensive planning process (printed on ivory paper). The left portion of each page shows the actual wording of Rule 9J-5 of the Florida Administrative Code. To the right of each requirement, we have attempted to identify every piece of existing data and all previous analyses that could be used by the Town to fulfill these requirements. Where mandatory (or important) data or analyses do not exist, we briefly describe what original work will be required. This additional work would become part of the LPA's work program, to be completed by members or other volunteers, or by consultants through a new contract. While reviewing this material, please make notes on any matters where our summary may be incomplete or incorrect, and pass that information along to us on August 20.

After receiving your feedback on this material, we will immediately begin formulating the preliminary work program. Our next session with you will be on September 3, when you can respond to the first draft of this program. On September 10, you are scheduled for a joint workshop with the Town Council, at which time we can summarize our work to date and make whatever adjustments may be needed to the work program. Our last scheduled meeting with you is planned for September 17.