TO: Town Council and Local Planning Agency

FROM: Bill Spikowski

DATE: September 4, 1996

SUBJECT: Land-Use Issues of Immediate Concern


During the summer we have been identifying a number of critical land-use issues that could benefit from fairly immediate attention by the Town. Some of these issues will be extremely difficult to resolve, but they deserve open debate and the early identification of various alternative policies that might be chosen. These critical issues are summarized below in outline format:

1. Multiple dwellings in neighborhoods zoned for single-family homes

2. Hotel/motel densities

3. Effect of mandatory flood regulations on future rebuilding

4. Post-disaster redevelopment policies:

5. "Creeping commercialization" of the island

6. Peak-season parking shortage -- some options include:

7. Future of land fronting Estero Boulevard from the Key Estero Shops to Skipper's Galley