Hillsborough County
Little Manatee South Planning Area

Little Manatee South locator map  

The “Little Manatee South” planning area is on the eastern shore of Tampa Bay from the Little Manatee River south to the Manatee County line. The planning area is entirely beyond the county’s Urban Service Area and includes 23,000 acres of predominately rural land with extensive submerged lands and natural preserves.

Spikowski Planning Associates was retained by county officials in 2015 to provide planning recommendations for this area, focusing on vacant land west of I-75. Several substantive policy and fiscal questions were posed:

The final report summarizes land-use regulations that currently apply to Little Manatee South, as contained in Hillsborough County’s Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Code. Four prior planning approaches for Little Manatee South are then described and compared. An overview of “fiscal planning” describes analytical tools that are available to Hillsborough County, followed by policy alternatives to full public funding of infrastructure. The report concludes with recommendations to Hillsborough County on how to move forward with planning for Little Manatee South.